Bruschetta - Tomato & Basil*

“Bruschetta” is a simple Italian antipasto. It is an appetizer that gets ready within couple of minutes. The base of this dish is usually a Baguette (crispy golden crust bread). For this recipe, I’ve used regular Italian bread. You can also use Garlic or a Cheese loaf. Traditionally, Bruschetta is topped with tomatoes however; it can also be served with different toppings such as mushrooms, aubergines (eggplant), zucchini, etc.

Serves: 4 People
Total Time:
Preparation time: 5 Mins
Cooking Time: 10 Mins
4 large tomatoes (deseeded and diced)
1 tsp garlic powder plus extra to sprinkle over bread
2 tbsp olive oil plus extra for toasting bread
½ tbsp white wine vinegar
¼ tsp sugar (castor is preferred)
1 tsp Italian herb mix
6 to 8 fresh chopped basil leaves
Salt and pepper as per taste
1 Italian bread loaf
Parmesan cheese for garnish (grated) - optional
In a large bowl mix garlic powder, olive oil, vinegar, sugar and Italian herb mix. Leave it aside for about a minute till the sugar dissolves

Meanwhile, slice the Italian bread loaf (about 18 to 20 mm thick)

Brush it with some olive oil on both sides. Sprinkle some garlic powder over it. Toast the bread in regular toaster.

Arrange the toasted bread on a serving platter

Add the diced tomatoes, chopped basil leaves along with salt and pepper to the oil and vinegar mixture. Toss well.

Spoon out the topping generously over the bread. Sprinkle grated parmesan and serve immediately. 

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