Banana & Nutella Sandwich

Super quick, super easy and really nutritious “Banana & Nutella Sandwich” is a perfect snack for your kid’s snack box. It’s so easy that you can ask your kid to make it. The combination of chocolate and banana is the one that’s made in heaven and so kids hardly fuss about it. Serve it with a slice of cheese along with some walnuts or almonds and you have packed a wholesome, healthy snack for your kid.
Serves: 2 Sandwiches
Total Time:
Preparation time: 5 Minutes
Cooking Time: 5 Mins
4 slices brown bread
1 banana, sliced
2 tbsp Nutella spread
To make the sandwich, lightly toast the bread slices in your toaster.

Spread Nutella spread evenly on 2 slices of bread. Top the spread with sliced banana and close the sandwich if the remaining bread slices.

Cut diagonally or as desired and enjoy.
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