Welsh Cakes


“Welsh Cakes” also known as “Pice ar y maen” is a traditional tea – time Welsh snack. This simple recipe which even kids can make. There are many different additions one can do to this basic recipe. You can add currants, dry figs, raisins etc combined with spices such as nutmeg, cinnamon, all-spice, etc. I found it as and easiest and quickest way to make Cakes. The texture of this cake is not spongy but a bit crispy. Usually served alone; you can also give an option to smear some marmalade or jam with it.

Wheat Flour Halwa


“Wheat Flour & Jaggery Halwa” is a sweet gooey textured fudge kind dish. Halwa usually has 2 primary bases; flour or nuts. Flour base halwa is soft and gooey where else nut base is usually bit hard and crispy. Halwa is a popular dish in India and its sub – continents. In few families it is served along with food while few prefer to have it after food. In India, it is quite common to have Halwa for breakfast as well for it is healthy and quite filling. There are different variations of halwa and this one in particular is made from wheat flour.

White Chocolate & Nutella Fingers


“White Chocolate & Nutella Fingers” are super easy, yummy cookies for all Nutella lovers. The best thing about these cookies is that kids can be involved in making them. I tried to do it and my 8 ½ year old daughter absolutely enjoyed making them.  

Bechamel Sauce

“White Sauce” also known as “B├ęchamel Sauce” is a basic Italian sauce which is used as a base for many Italian dishes. It has a thick creamy texture which goes well with any baked vegetable dish or pasta.
This recipe makes about 1 ½ cups of sauce and takes about 5 minutes to cook on Gas/ Stove and 6 minutes in Microwave

Yoghurt and Spring Onion Dip

“Yoghurt & Spring Onion Dip” is super easy, no – cook dip that goes really well with salads, bread or bagels. The preparation time is a little long but it hardly takes time to mix all the ingredients and enjoy the dip. If planned in advance, it gets easy.  This recipe takes about 1 hour to prepare and makes about ¾ cup of dip.



“Zunka” is a traditional Maharashtrian dish. It is made using few basic ingredients and is ready within minutes. It’s a best option you can bet on when you want to go a little low on cooking. Traditionally it is served with “Bhakhar” which is an Indian flat bread made from Jowar/ Millet flour. Millet is rich in potassium and phosphorous and also has good amount of calcium in it.          

Bharwa Bhindi


One of my favourite Okra/ Bhindi recipes – “Bharwa Bhindi” is a mouth – watering recipe. Serve it with rice or roti this yummy dish is enjoyed by one and all.

Bhindi Chatpati Dahiwali


“Bhindi Chatpati Dahiwali” is a tangy Punjabi curry. It has a super combination of curd and pickles which gives it a great taste. This dish is really simple to make and goes best with hot Parathas or Phulka Rotis.

Boondi Ladoo


“Boondi Ladoo” is one of the most mouthwatering Indian sweet. It is enjoyed during all festivals and occasions and is offered as Prasad to Lord Ganesha. Made from bengal gram flour (besan) and sugar syrup this delight is enjoyed by all young and old all over India. Boondi is small bead sized balls which are soaked in sugar syrup and rolled out into balls. My grandmother used to make Boondi but it used to get over before she could roll them into balls. This recipe makes about 15 small ladoos and takes about an hour to make.

Bruschetta - Tomato & Basil


“Bruschetta” is a simple Italian antipasto. It is an appetizer that gets ready within couple of minutes. The base of this dish is usually a Baguette (crispy golden crust bread). For this recipe, I’ve used regular Italian bread. You can also use Garlic or a Cheese loaf. Traditionally, Bruschetta is topped with tomatoes however; it can also be served with different toppings such as mushrooms, aubergines (eggplant), zucchini, etc.

Burnt Garlic Fried Rice


“Burnt Garlic Fried Rice” is a yummy take on traditional Fried Rice. It is a simple dish which can be enjoyed all by itself, or served with any gravy base vegetable. Boiled rice mixed with variety of vegetables and a pungent flavor of garlic makes this dish taste awesome. I recommend it to all garlic lovers.

Bajri Na Rotla


“Bajri Na Rotla” is a popular quite a popular Indian bread in western states of India. The best way to cook them is on a clay tawa but, if you don’t have it; normal tawa should do good. Rotla with onions and Lahsoon chutney accompanied with bit of jaggery is the staple meal in Southern Gujarat – Saurashtra. The process of making them is quite similar to “Phulka Roti” but the trick lies in kneading the dough. Bajri Rotla is best when accompanied with Gujarati Kadhi or Chokha Methi Nu Shaak.  

Baked Bean Quesadillas


“Quesadillas” are of different types. This is one Mexican dish when you can get really creative and let your imagination flow to choose your taste of filling. I love baked beans and these are one of my all time favorite quesadillas to make. Quesadilla is basically flour tortillas filled with cheese and or topping, folded into half and grilled or pan fried. This recipe makes about 6 Quesadillas and takes around 30 minutes to cook. It goes best when served hot with Pico de gallo, Guacamole and Sour Cream. It is a great after school snack or as a meal in itself.

Banana & Nutella Sandwich

Super quick, super easy and really nutritious “Banana & Nutella Sandwich” is a perfect snack for your kid’s snack box. It’s so easy that you can ask your kid to make it. The combination of chocolate and banana is the one that’s made in heaven and so kids hardly fuss about it. Serve it with a slice of cheese along with some walnuts or almonds and you have packed a wholesome, healthy snack for your kid.

Beetroot Thoran / Poriyal


“Beetroot Thoran” or “Poriyal” is a quick and super simple recipe that’s ready within minutes. "Thoran" in Kerala and “Poriyal” in Tamil - Nadu, is a South –Indian vegetable dish which basically means stir – fry. This particular recipe uses beetroot as its main ingredient. Beetroot is a natural blood purifier and is really good for heart patients. It is jam packed with nutrients and is also good for your liver. Since it also has compound betaine, it helps in boosting up your mood. This healthy dish can be served with Phulka Roti or rice of your choice.  

Bhog Khichuri


“Bhog Khichuri” is a traditional version of Khichdi which basically is a mixture of rice and pulses cooked together. This particular recipe is a popular Bengali cuisine which is often made during pooja or special occasions and offered as Prasadam to Maa Durga. The specialty of this Khichdi is the rice used in it. It’s special rice which is known as “Govindo bhoog” and is jam packed with fragrance. In case you don’t have this rice available with you, any choice of rice should be fine. Another specialty of this Khichdi is that there is no use of onion or garlic in it. You can add various vegetables such as potatoes, cauliflower, green peas, carrots,, etc or just keep it simple as in this recipe. Serve it hot with any Chutney of your choice or simply with curd.       



“Bhakhar” also known as “Bhakhri” is a flat Indian Bread. This particular Indian bread is quite a popular meal among Maharashtrian people and is usually enjoyed with “Zunka”. “Bhakhar” is made from Jowar/ Millet flour. Millet is rich in potassium and phosphorous and also has good amount of calcium, iron and fiber in it. This makes it super nutritious and good for digestive system. Try to make it a habit to enjoy this healthy delight as a part of our daily meal.         

Apple Sizzle

Super simple, super easy and super refreshing party pleaser recipe -  “Apple Sizzle”.

Apple Cinnamon Muffin

“Apple Cinnamon Muffin” is a super easy sweet bread recipe which has a soft texture. When baked it just spreads its fragrance all over the house. A must try recipe which makes about 18 to 20 small muffins.

Veggi Lifafa Paratha

Lifafa Parathas are stuffed parathas which can be enjoyed as a meal or served during breakfast. “Lifafa” means envelope. This paratha has its filling wrapped in dough like an envelope and hence the name. You can stuff with various fillings to make it as per your choice. Paneer, plain aloo or methi and peas filling goes really well with it. It’s an interesting way to make parathas and gives it a good presentation look. This recipe is made from multi – grain flour along with goodness of vegetables which makes it super healthy. Serve it with plain curd, Split Mustard and Cucumber Raita or Carrot & Cucumber Raita. It really goes well with Mango pickle and can also be packed for snack boxes.

Vada Pav


Indian Burger aka “Vada Pav” is a classic vegetarian street food. This is one of the most popular fast food and originally belongs to Maharashtra. Busy Mumbaites love to enjoy this quick snack along with a hot cup of Masala Chai. Basically made from potatoes, gram flour, spices; this fried snack is sandwiched between fresh local bakery buns traditionally known as pav. You can have your pav plain, buttered or fried. The original vada pav is always served with spicy hot garlic – peanut chutney and a green chilli. These days there are lots of variations where people enjoy sweet tamarind chutney and green chutney applied on pav. Few also like to grate cheese over it. Plain or spiced up according to your own choice … this Indian snack has become quite popular all over the world. Happy Cooking!!!

Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Quick, easy, delicious, nutritious and tummy filling… if you are surrounded by these demands and are thinking of one recipe that blends these all… you’ve finally got your solution. “Strawberry – Banana Smoothie” is a great recipe which is ready within minutes. It’s tasty as well as jam packed with

Simla Mirch Zunka

Zunka is a famous Maharashtrian dish which has bengal gram flour also known as besan as its main ingredient. This basic  Zunka recipe can be combined with very many vegetables. This recipe is yet another popular Zunka version with Capsicum as its main base. It’s quite simple to make and can be enjoyed as a part of your meal. This dish is dry and hence any daal or gravy based vegetable goes well with it. Serve it hot with Bhakhar which is a traditional Maharashtrian flat bread or Phulka Roti. 

Ratatouille served with Riz au Saffron

“Ratatouille” is a simple traditional French dish that is served up in different ways. Basically it’s a combination of fresh array of vegetables tossed in some aromatic herbs. Some chef’s simply bake it by laying all the thinly cut vegetables in layers with delicious tomato sauce as a base. It actually is a real good way of presentation. When doing simple home cooking, I just prefer to have it the tossed.
This dish can be served as a side dish or as a meal on its own. I personally suggest it to be served with some flavoured Rice or pasta. Saffron flavoured rice, also known as “Riz au Saffron” is a strong recommendation from my side. Serve it fresh and hot. Happy Cooking!!!

Pita Bread


Pita bread is Middle Eastern bread. It is round bread very similar to Phulka Roti and has a pocket in it. It is widely consumed and goes really well with Humus and falafel sandwiches. They are a bit time consuming but easy to make. The best thing about Pita bread is that they can be stored in an air-tight container at room temperature for about a week and can be frozen in a freezer bag for about a month. This means you can make it in large quantities at once and use it as and when required.