Nachos Desi Style*

“Nacho Desi Style” is a super easy chaat which is great starter for your parties. Nachos with a tangy twist, is super delicious to eat.

Fafda - Kadhi with Papaya Cheen*

“Fafda served with Fafda ni kadhi and Papaya ni Cheen” is a popular morning snack in Gujarat made from Bengal gram flour. It is most popularly consumed on festival of Dussehra. Early in the morning people queue up at sweet shops to get a fresh batch of hot “Fafda” which goes really well with hot Jalebies. This recipe is for all my Gujju friends who don’t stay in Gujarat anymore and are crazy about Fafda like me but, find it tough to get it. Try this at home and you’ll not miss the fun of hot and fresh Fafda snack. This recipe is good enough for 4 people.

Dudhi Na Muthiya

“Muthiyas” are a very popular Gujarati snack which is usually enjoyed with a hot cup of Chai. It can be served at breakfast or during tea time and is a sure-shot starter to please your guest during parties. I prefer to give it as a school snack as it’s nutritious and quite filling. Making Muthiyas might take some time but it can be prepared in advance and refrigerated. When you need to serve it, just heat it a little. You can also deep freeze them in a zip lock bag when semi cooked, i.e. just steamed and not sautéed. You can de – frost them and sauté fresh to serve. It can stay at room temperature, overnight during winter time. This particular recipe of Muthiyas uses Dudhi or bottle gourd as its main ingredient. You can substitute it with Palak (Spinach) or Methi leaves. The best Muthiyas are full of flavor, soft from inside and a bit crispy texture form outside. You can serve it with ketchup or coriander chutney and go really well with “Chundo” which is a spicy sweet-shredded-raw mango pickle.

Aloo Toast Sandwiches*

“Aloo Toast” is one of most simple recipe that even a kid can cook. This sandwich is quite filling and can be enjoyed during anytime of the day. You can get really creative with it and combine it with coriander chutney, fresh cut salad, cheese, mayonnaise, etc. This however, is the simplest and the easiest version of all.