Welsh Cakes


“Welsh Cakes” also known as “Pice ar y maen” is a traditional tea – time Welsh snack. This simple recipe which even kids can make. There are many different additions one can do to this basic recipe. You can add currants, dry figs, raisins etc combined with spices such as nutmeg, cinnamon, all-spice, etc. I found it as and easiest and quickest way to make Cakes. The texture of this cake is not spongy but a bit crispy. Usually served alone; you can also give an option to smear some marmalade or jam with it.

Wheat Flour Halwa


“Wheat Flour & Jaggery Halwa” is a sweet gooey textured fudge kind dish. Halwa usually has 2 primary bases; flour or nuts. Flour base halwa is soft and gooey where else nut base is usually bit hard and crispy. Halwa is a popular dish in India and its sub – continents. In few families it is served along with food while few prefer to have it after food. In India, it is quite common to have Halwa for breakfast as well for it is healthy and quite filling. There are different variations of halwa and this one in particular is made from wheat flour.

White Chocolate & Nutella Fingers


“White Chocolate & Nutella Fingers” are super easy, yummy cookies for all Nutella lovers. The best thing about these cookies is that kids can be involved in making them. I tried to do it and my 8 ½ year old daughter absolutely enjoyed making them.  

Bechamel Sauce

“White Sauce” also known as “B├ęchamel Sauce” is a basic Italian sauce which is used as a base for many Italian dishes. It has a thick creamy texture which goes well with any baked vegetable dish or pasta.
This recipe makes about 1 ½ cups of sauce and takes about 5 minutes to cook on Gas/ Stove and 6 minutes in Microwave

Yoghurt and Spring Onion Dip

“Yoghurt & Spring Onion Dip” is super easy, no – cook dip that goes really well with salads, bread or bagels. The preparation time is a little long but it hardly takes time to mix all the ingredients and enjoy the dip. If planned in advance, it gets easy.  This recipe takes about 1 hour to prepare and makes about ¾ cup of dip.